Eating For A Healthy Heart

ID-10047055Bad cholesterol or a bad diet is something we all experience at some point in time. It’s impossible to eat healthy our whole lives, even though we may try hard to do it. Eating healthy for your heart is something everyone should try to do, especially when it comes to restoring health and reducing heart attacks.

Your heart and food

We know these things for sure – a diet high in saturated fats will help raise your cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease. People that are obese are more prone to heart disease. A diet high in sodium may elevate your blood pressure, leading to inflammation and even heart disease.

To help prevent heart disease and improve your health, follow the tips below.

Eat plenty of fish

Herring, sardines, and salmon are all excellent sources of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Other fish are great to, although Omega 3 may help to get your cholesterol down to a healthier level.

 Choosing healthy fats and oils

Saturated fat will increase the risk of heart disease. it’s found in meat, butter, and even coconut oil. You should avoid them until your cholesterol levels are down and you are at a healthy weight. Even those that love red meats can enjoy seafood and nuts for their main sources of protein. Mono-unsaturated fats such as olive oils will help you to protect your heart. Olive oil is an ideal choice for cooking, dressing, or even as a dipping sauce.

Plenty of fibre

Fibre can help you control your cholesterol. You can find fibre in whole grain products to help control sugar absorption as well, which will help you keep your digestive system healthy.

Choosing carbohydrates

Eating for your heart involves staying away from sugary foods such as candy, cookies, cakes, and pastries. Eating a lot of sugar isn’t good for your heart disease at all. Healthy carbohydrates involve whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, brown rice, and a lot of vegetables. You should make fruits and vegetables the main aspect of your diet.

 Healthy cooking methods

Stir frying and sautéing with olive oil or canola oil are both great methods, as you shouldn’t dip your food in batter and fry it any more. If you cook chicken, remove the skin and bake it in the oven in foil. Instead of frying your fish you should always bake it. Steaming your vegetables can help maintain the most nutrients. You shouldn’t use cream sauces or lots of butter any more either. When you eat vegetables, try squeezing lemon juice on them or using your favourite seasoning’s.

 As you make the proper changes to your diet, keep in mind that it takes time for them to become habits. Eating healthy is always great for your body and your lifestyle, especially when it comes to your heart and the prevention of heart disease.


Do You Enjoy Your Diet?

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Before I get into this article I have to make an admission, I love food, and yes most of the time I do enjoy my diet, is it always the healthiest, well, then unfortunately I would have to say no. When I started this website I was more than just grossly overweight, and as one doctor jestingly stated that he had seen fitter corpses. I have come a long way since then, fitness wise I have accomplished more than I expected, but my weight loss is definitely behind schedule.

When we are young time isn’t very important, and the future almost appears to be infinity, (please stay with me here as I do have a point to make) but once we reach our mid sixties, we realize how fast a lifetime passes, and how much faster time seems to be passing us by. Now my point is, because time passes so fast, and we don’t have any rehearsals, just the one take at life, its important that we enjoy every minute as much as we can, and that has to include our food.

I know a couple of people my age who constantly worry about what they should and shouldn’t eat, if they have put any weight on, and the silly part is, they are far from being overweight, and if anything I would say they are underweight. In my view life is too short for that, but I am not saying live on McDonald’s, or have fries with every meal, or eat cream cakes every day, but every now and then in moderation can’t do any harm. Now I know there are going to be some of you out there shaking your heads going “no no that can’t be right” but please bare with me until the end of this article, and my point will be explained.

I must say I hate the word diet, it just conjurers up all the wrong images for me, rice cakes, bland looking meals, cabbage soup, all the things that make us cringe, so I think it should be meal plan, or eating plan, it sounds so much more appetising. Healthy does not have to be bland, you can make some very tasty meals, and still lose weight, and I will be giving you some of my favourite recipes later in this article.

In the opening of this article I said “is my diet always the healthiest, then unfortunately I would have to say no” now let me explain what I meant. Some things I have been able to give up when I needed to, smoking, alcohol, no problem, but stick to a strict eating plan, and I am in trouble, for me it is difficult, and sometimes I do eat something that I know I shouldn’t. Now I am lucky, as a young friend of mine is a fitness trainer, and qualified dietitian. I have to say he has given up trying to get me to stick to his eating plans, but he has come up with an alternative that seems to be working quite well for me.

When I say I sometimes eat things that I know I shouldn’t, I don’t mean that I binge out on cakes and ice cream, though that is a disgustingly nice thought, no seriously its just enough to slow down my weight loss. Now when you think about it, what my friend has come up with is nothing more than plain common sense. He has said that as I enjoy my eating plan and its not outrageous on the days when I do bend the rules a bit, I just spend more time exercising, or do an extra walk before I go to bed, it seems like a fair trade-off to me. This brings with it extra benefits, because I can often find the answer to a nagging problem when I am walking, it can clear your head and give you a fresh perspective on things.

Lets get down to the important bit food, and when you enjoy food like I do, one thing that helps is to fill up on a bowl of tasty healthy soup before your main meal. While I was researching for (Weight Loss Foods That Can Help to Shed Those Excess Pounds), celery kept cropping up, as a good source of fibre, and a very healthy snack. I have to say that celery was one vegetable I thought was put here to annoy us, I absolutely hated the stuff, because of those disgusting stringy bits that keep getting stuck in your teeth. I now have to admit that celery makes fantastic soup, (you can find it on my recipes page) and is now one of my favourites along with, Leek Potato and Carrot soup. Both of these are really tasty, and great fillers before any main course.

Food is very important, but enjoying the food we eat is also very important, of course we need to be careful, but that shouldn’t stop it having plenty of flavour. I have had some requests for healthy recipes, and I have decided to now include a recipes page, and over the coming weeks I hope to be constantly adding to the list of tasty and healthy choices, so then if you are stuck and need some ideas, you will be able to just go to the recipes page. Just a couple of reminders before I go, water is our friend, for losing weight, drink at least 2 litres per day, but 3 litres is better. Increase your water intake, and after a couple of weeks you will notice your skin looking younger. Secondly eating slowly is the secret to eating less, it gives your body a chance to let you know when you have eaten enough, and you soon find you are enjoying your food more.  Also watch out for the monthly news letter which will be starting soon, with health and exercise tips and more recipes for spring…..