Weight Gain and the Festivities…

219747-20150111If any of you are like me, you would have gained a few unwanted pounds over the festive period. Every year I promise myself that I will not over indulge in the rich food, but every year I still find myself not being able to refuse that tempting large slice of Dundee cake or the helping of Christmas pudding and cream, the trouble is I really enjoy it. Some people like a good drink, some still enjoy smoking, I do neither of them, but I do enjoy my food, and unfortunately a lot of it is quite rich!

Any one who has followed my blog will know that this time of year is when I normally say exercise, exercise, exercise, to burn off those extra pounds, but this year is different. I wont suggest anything that I can’t do myself, and at present I have a problem with my feet and legs, due mainly to my type 2 diabetes, and being overweight. So I am in a bit of a catch 22, I really need to exercise to lose weight, but until I lose weight I can’t exercise. That being the case I really only have one option, and that is diet.

For me even the word diet congers up all the wrong images, bland meals, dry rice cakes, and cabbage soup, not very inspiring. My main problem is I need to make this work for my health, so I am attempting this from a different perspective. When I was told I had to stop smoking, it was a real blow, but my chest was suffering, so I had no option. I was prescribed patches, but if you smoke with a patch you get an even bigger hit, so that was out. Then I met someone who said he had a fail-proof method that would work for me, and it did. I am now going to use the same method to help me with my diet.

Now you are probably thinking what the hell has smoking got to do with dieting, and that I am going to explain. To stop smoking I used a method of affirmation, I set a date to stop about two weeks away, and I wrote down the date, and stated from that date I would never smoke again. Once that was done, every day I would take out the piece of paper and read it, and write it again on the next line, and what this does is condition your brain to stop on that date, and I did, and so have quite a few other people that I have told.

Now as far as I know this method has not been used to aid dieting, now if it has then I apologize, but I have not come across it. I have set a date, and that is the 20th of January 2015 and from that date I will be running a daily diary on the blog here, with all my meals, and generally how I am feeling, and of course my starting weight, which I will up-date once a month. So for now I wish you all the best for 2015, and don’t forget to tune in from the 20th to see how it pans out…

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