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Cien Moisturising Body Cream.

Cien Body Cream

I have suffered from dry skin on my arms and lower legs for years, and contacting type 2 diabetes really didn’t help matters. Over the years I must have tried just about every proprietary brand of skin moisturiser going, some helped, some were rather disappointing, and some just plain expensive. About a month ago I had gone into my Local LIDL supermarket, and while looking for tooth paste I saw the Cien moisturising cream and decided to try it. At £2.50 it really is great value, and it seems to work better than anything I have used so far.

I have been using it now for three weeks, and the dry hard spots on my arms have just about vanished, for the first time in around ten years, and that is just using it once a day before bed. My lower legs are in much worse condition, with blotchy red and brown patches, with very dry and flaky skin, sometimes with cracks. On my legs I have been using the cream twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Again I have been using it for three weeks, there are no cracks or flaky skin, and the lumpiness and condition are improving every day.

It would appear that the Cien range of products are only available at LIDL Supermarkets, we are lucky in the UK, as they are in many main towns. Overall there are around ten thousand of these stores scattered around Europe, so if you have a store near you, and suffer from dry skin or want to improve the condition of your skin, I suggest you get down to your store and try it, you definitely won’t regret it…