How Painful Is the Truth.

Anyone who has visited this site will notice that a lot of posts have been removed, because they had a total value of nothing. I now find that the New year is no longer far away in the misty future, but it has arrived, 2016 is now. I had great expectations at this time a year ago, my diet plan, the fitness program, but I have achieved nothing, actually worse than nothing, because I am less healthy and fatter, than I was twelve months ago. The eating plan, although it contained all the right foods, just did not work. I did lose some weight, but I put it back on, and as is often the way plus a bit more. Mid-year saw some serious problems, and that forced the diet and this site into second place, and also saw my weight increase, not the result I was looking for, but that is nothing more than a rather lame excuse, because truthfully I just love the wrong food when I am under pressure.

So here we are at the end of another year, with the new one upon us, and all I have achieved weight wise is to be a year older. I am still fat, well that is not entirely true, I am classed as being Super Obese, in some cases even Morbidly Obese and that puts you at the level, where you are at a really high risk of some serious health problems. My type 2 diabetes has been with me now for a long time, and has gradually been putting me into a downward spiral, for far too long. I consider myself to be of reasonable intelligence, I mean, I can count to ten without having to use my fingers, and on a good day can write my name without any prompts, but I can’t get to grips with this weight loss problem, even when I know what it is doing to me.

I think I am like many others who make out that we are not bothered about being fat, even going to the extent of saying we enjoy being fat, and following that with, “you don’t know how much work and money it takes to get like this”. Sometimes I even come out with some funny stories, like the time I was in a waiting room, and they had these tubular frame chairs with an armrest, seat and back, but the rest being open, and I got stuck, and it took a receptionist two nurses, and another patient to get me out. It always gets a laugh, but I know deep down they are thinking, how embarrassing to be that fat, you can tell by the way they look at each other, then change the subject, cutting me out of the conversation. The problem is nobody wants to be seen talking to the super obese guy, I know I would not have done when I was slim.

I used to be slim, well at least average, I have always had broad shoulders and been big boned, and at 210 lbs I still had a 34 inch waste. I didn’t become obese until much later in life, it used to be great being able to go into normal mems shops and buy regular clothes, now it’s the bell tent shops, or 10x plus R Us. You always wear black as it makes you look slimmer, but you still look like a fat blimp. What hurts sometimes when you are out shopping, and you hear a young child say to their mother “look at that man mummy isn’t he fat” and the mums telling them to be quiet or he might hear, I sometimes feel like turning round and saying “I know I’m fat but I’m not deaf” but then it would only frighten the children, as to them I must look like some sort of giant monster.

One thing I have not been able to understand until now, is why after working hard to lose weight, I would go off track and put it all back on. It’s as if I was on this self-destruct continuous loop, of losing weight, then putting more back on. There is a term known as yo-yoing, which the weight loss industry loves, where you diet and lose some weight then put more back on. I have re-written this part of this article so many times trying to explain why I became obese, but the fact that I know is all that is important, and my demons are only relevant to me. What is relevant to this article is the “now”, and the steps I have taken. In December I was given a book by my medical practice nurse, called The Hungry Years, by William Leith, that has made me look at food in a totally different way, and it is literally changing my life.

You are probably thinking how can reading a book make that much difference, because it made me ask questions that I really had not thought of until then. Once you are diagnosed as being diabetic, the old mantra comes out, lose weight and always eat low fat, and keep an eye on the carbs. Recently I have been more worried about my blood sugar levels than my weight, but the two are very much linked together. Carbs are the killer; they spike a blood sugar level, which causes the body to release more insulin, which stores the excess glucose as fat. That is a very simplified version of what happens, but unfortunately it is true. I have looked at a few diets that are protein based, and low in carbs, and they have made some very interesting reading. The first I looked at was Dr Atkins, which over the years has been heavily slated, but that would now appear to be, more politically motivated then it was scientifically. I have since read a lot of modern thinking on controlling diabetes with diet, instead of filling our bodies with drugs, but I must state right away that I am in no way suggesting that anybody not take their medication, I am just saying there could be another way. On the research I have done I have to say that Dr Marlene Merritt’s book Smart Blood Sugar, is a must read for any diabetic, as it strips away the BS, and gives you the facts.

How has all this helped me, well firstly I have dropped everything low fat, and basically anything with a list of ingredients. There are food’s I have totally cut out, which includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread of any kind, pasta, rice and basically anything made with flour. I also used to be a big fruit eater, but I have cut back a lot on that, but I still eat a few oranges, grapes and about three bananas a week. So what do I eat, it’s still a long list so I will start with meat: chicken, turkey, pork, beef, bacon, and sausages. Fish, nothing in batter or bread crumbs, haddock, cod, tuna, sardines, pilchards, and kippers. Dairy, eggs, cheese, butter, cream, whole milk but not a lot, full fat yogurt when I can find it. Vegetables selection will vary depending on the time of year, but for now it’s, carrots, onions, leeks, sprouts, broccoli, cabbage all types, cauliflower, and kale. Salad is pretty standard, with tomatoes, cucumber, all types of lettuce, avocado but not too many, and beetroot, and I will top it off with full fat mayonnaise.

So how do I feel eating all this protein and fat, I feel great that’s how I feel. I have more energy than I have had for a long time, I am sleeping better, I can concentrate more, and my blood sugar is starting to come under control, and I don’t get hungry between meals like I used to. The really big bonus for me is that I am losing weight, I don’t know how much yet, but my belt is up by four notches, and a shirt I like that used to pull on the buttons, now fits, still not loose but it doesn’t pull on the buttons any more. I hope this article has given you something to think about, I will finish by saying that I don’t miss any of the foods I have cut out, and enjoy my food every bit as much as I ever have. I will be posting updates so check back sometimes to see how I am doing.
Until next time, take care.

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